Mejora tu Surf en Lanzarote

with Jose Maria Cabrera

Revise your surfing movements to enjoy at your best!

The JMC Surftraining  method está basado en corregir las posturas, en conocer qué movimiento llevar a cabo según la maniobra de surf que quieras realizar, desde la más sencilla a la más complicada.

You will learn how to do it, when to do it and you will understand why.

You will get to know which postures will help you to enhance your performance on each wave, to understand what it needs and to analyze why you fell. This will help you avoiding other failures in the future.

Is your surf stuck?

You feel like you are doing something wrong but you don't know what it is?

If it is some consolation, you are not alone. 99% of surfers who come to us are feeling lost because, after many years of surfings they reached a dead end. They don't know how to progress with their surfing.

With our method, in only 3 daysyou will overcome that challenge and will proceed evolving and enjoying your surf.

Descubre el método de surf con el que conseguirás:

  • Perfeccionar tu técnica de surf
  • To gain a solid foundation on which improve
  • To learn what your mistakes are
  • To get the tools you need for self-evaluation


Some of your JMC trainees talk about their experience:

  • It is amazing to know there is someone always thinking about you, enjoying your accomplishments and who's never tired of reviewing and motivating you withall his determination, dedication and care.

    In less than 6 months I feel more self confidence and securityI enjoy the waves, and I am starting to understand them and get down those walls that once frightened me.

    – Alodia Almeida
  • My technique has never before been reviewed in such an accurate and clear way, with an ongoing feedback, almost wave to wave. JMC is the school where you truly learn who to surf, and how to get it right.

    I have perfectioned my technique and reformed the foundations of my surfing, I know exactly what I have to work in and the path to follow in order to keep improving.

    – Ander Martínez
  • Before JMC I felt I was always making the same mistakes and I didn't know how to put an end to that.

    Now I know what was the matter; when I get into the surf I am aware of those things I need to work in and I am more motivated. When I perform the right movements, I can really feel the results..

    – Ana Cerpa
  • Besides learning how to surf and enjoy, you learn how to manage your frustration when things don't go your way, to learn how to act in the surf in many different conditions, to understand which movements are more efficient.

    The coaches really love what they do and they make you feel that too: they really want you to learn. The assistance in the water is highly individualized and they help you improve at your own pace.

    – Elisa Guadalupe
  • In JMC Surftraining you feel many changes in little time and you learn how to detect your mistakes, besides with good waves, filmed sessions and video-correction.

    Now I have improved a lot, I have gained speed on my bottom turns, I can do more maneuvers and I use my arms a lot more.

    – Issay García
  • Before, my surfing was mainly running the diagonal of the wave, I had no control over it to draw any lines and to make the most of its energy.

    Now I know what I am failing at and what the consequences of those mistakes are. I know what to do, I have a goal to aim and I have gained body consciousness on the surfboard.

    – Jairo Bueno
  • Before JMC I knew how to catch waves but I felt I was failing on many other things. What I did not know is how to correct my mistakes. I was feeling stuck.
    Now I have a super solid foundation on which I am improving day to day, I know what my mistakes are and I have the tools to amend them!

    – Jorge Torrente
  • Surfing lessons are the best for leaving stress behind and and to reconnect with nature..

    En las clases I feel protectedand my coaches give me the feedback on each wave

    – Karliana Aguilera
  • I wanted to improve my surfing because I felt stuck and slow.

    The evolution with JMC is guaranteed, and I do not know anyone that makes you feel the way Jose Maria does in and out of the water..

    Now I am faster and stronger, and I feel much more confident in any spot.

    – Pau Benítez

I am Jose Maria Cabrera, pro surfer and surfing coach.

Durante más de 9 años, mi método personal ha ayudado a miles de surfistas a mejorar.

My surf is my passion and I love coaching others. The isn't a bigger satisfaction to me that my trainees being conscious of their mistakes and how to improve their surf.

I analyze every movement so you can understand the foundations and the path to follow.

With my method, any surfer, whatever their level, will reach their goals and will identify their mistakes.


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