Advanced Beginners Course

You will learn what you need to work on to improve your surf

If you can already ride the wall, it is time to learn which movements you have to perform once you are riding it; riding left-handers or right-handers, carving, etc.

With some fixed goals everything becomes easier, because on each surfing session you will know exactly what you need to focus on in order to improve.

Gain confidence and security

We will teach you the foundations of the JMC method and everything you need to start gaining independency in the surf, knowing where to position yourself, how to choose the good waves, etc.

One of our instructors will be with you for the whole session, by your side, helping you and making all the posture corrections you may need.

Understanding how to position yourself in the surf, controlling your board and guiding it towards any direction, using the right movements and rotations: that is what you will learn in our sessions.


Some of your JMC trainees talk about their experience:

  • It is amazing to know there is someone always thinking about you, enjoying your accomplishments and who's never tired of reviewing and motivating you withall his determination, dedication and care.

    In less than 6 months I feel more self confidence and securityI enjoy the waves, and I am starting to understand them and get down those walls that once frightened me.

    – Alodia Almeida
  • My technique has never before been reviewed in such an accurate and clear way, with an ongoing feedback, almost wave to wave. JMC is the school where you truly learn who to surf, and how to get it right.

    I have perfectioned my technique and reformed the foundations of my surfing, I know exactly what I have to work in and the path to follow in order to keep improving.

    – Ander Martínez
  • I have been surfing for a year and a half with JMC and I moved from catching the white waves to being independent in the water.With the homework you get from Jose on each session you can really feel the progress.

    It is very satisfactory to really feel your own evolution and to see how, little by little you can manage by yourself in different spots.

    – Iris Trillo


The course includes everything you need to start surfing. You only need to bring your motivation!:


Advanced Begginers

  • 2-hour Session
  • Softboards
  • Wetsuit

This course is for you if:

  • If you ride the wave and not just the white waves.
  • If you are starting to carve the walls.
  • If you have done other surfing courses.

* I you think your level is lower, check ourbeginner lessons..

Surf coaching for advanced begginners

  • Our advanced begginer surf coaching lessons are designed to help anyone that wants a step up on their level of surfing.
  • You are starting to paddle for your own waves and when you ride them, you have some doubts on what to do and how or where to position yourself for finding the best waves when you are surfing.
  • Thanks to our unique method, with simple but efficient guidelines and the instant feedback from our instructors, you will see for yourself how those goals that seemed far away are easily reached.

These sessions last two hours and the softboard and wetsuit are provided.

Private lesson

at the beach

  • An instructor just for you

Private lesson

out of the beach

  • An instructor just for you


semi private

  • One instructor for every two people (subject to availability)

The times will depend on tides and conditions.

These sessions take place mainly in Famara beach, exposed to all the directions of the swell where we always find a good spot.

If the sea conditions are not convenient for a surf lesson, will find similar options, but always according to your level.

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