Surf Lessons for Begginers

Unwinding from everything and reconeccting with the sea in Lanzarote

You will start your journey in surfing in Caleta de Famara,a well-known beach in the Canary islands with soft toasted sand, perfect for beginners. Its length make it the perfect beach to avoid the crows and to feel by ourselves in a dreamy land.

Diving into the adventure is easier with someone to trust by your side, isn't it?

Stop thinking and start acting!

Our beginners course is perfect for all ages and takes place throughout the year..

Experience what it feels like to lie on a surfboard, all your fears gone: the adrenaline running through your veins, the giggle you get from reaching your goals, the freedom and the peace of mind that nature gives you...

All of this, with a team of coaches with a hight level of surf, that will be by your side at every moment, that will celebrate your accomplishments and that will make you feel confidence and secure enough to make the whole experience unforgettable.

Our surf school is unique

You will feel at ease when surfing in a safe beach and with the constant attention of your instructor.

And what is constant attention to us? I means our instructors won't be getting more waves than you,, as they will be busy making sure you are catching as many waves as possible on a small ratio group.

A unique surfing experience with a unique surf school.


Some of your JMC trainees talk about their experience:

  • Everything I learn with JMC and the energy he professes doesn't stay at the beach: it goes beyond and impregnates my day to day..

    I have noticed advances in my focus, decission-making, my strength and calm, as well as resistance, balance and body consciousness.

    – Inés
  • Besides learning how to surf and enjoy, you learn how to manage your frustration when things don't go your way, to learn how to act in the surf in many different conditions, to understand which movements are more efficient.

    The coaches really love what they do and they make you feel that too: they really want you to learn. The assistance in the water is highly individualized and they help you improve at your own pace.

    – Elisa Guadalupe
  • Surfing lessons are the best for leaving stress behind and and to reconnect with nature..

    En las clases I feel protectedand my coaches give me the feedback on each wave

    – Karliana Aguilera
  • I feel much confidence at seaI take bolder decisions and I feel much more self secure.

    By implementing everything they teach us I am already making turns,, I position myself much better when trying to catch a wave and I am making progress towards surfear la ola y no sólo bajarla.

    – María Brito
  • I started from scratch and I already have experience a great evolution..

    Having an instructor so close to you to review every movement is of the outmost importance.

    – Moisés Barberá


The course includes everything you need to start surfing. You only need to bring your motivation!:

Beginners Surf Training

Group Session

  • 2-hour Session
  • Softboards
  • Wetsuit

Beginners Surf Training

One to one Session

  • 2-hour Session
  • Softboards
  • Wetsuit

This course is for you if:

  • You have never surfed and want to know what it feels like. 
  • If you have surfed once or twice but still surf white waves.
  • If you want to learn with good foundations, using our method.

The JMC method

Our training method has been developed by José María Cabrerapro surfer and surf coach.

With him you will learn how to surf from scratchin a quick and efficient way.

You will learn the surf foundations to keep surfing all by yourself with a solid base. You will be in good hands with instructores that are professional surfers such as Manuel Lezcano and Cristian Portelli.

We have flexible schedules and we are always looking for the best sea conditions and tides to make the most of your session.

You will take some homework with you and some guidelines so you can keep practicing on your own.

Group and Private Beginner Lessons

Beginners Sessions

As we always say, our method works from our first class to wherever you want to go!

In our beginners sessionsour priority is to make you feel comfortable at the sea, teach you how to move around it, but most of all, make you enjoy your first waves!

Our group lessons are organized in a way where each pupil gets the attention they need, this is why we advocate for a small numbers of pupils per monitor.

Our instructors will be with you at all times, to make you feel safe and to help you make the most of your experience. 

These sessions last two hours and they include the softboard and wetsuit you'll use.

Price: 60€

Private Lessons

You may always opt for our private lessons, great if you want to speed up your learning pace or gain that extra confidence you'll need to get you into the water.

The instructor will take care of everything at all times. They will supervise and analyze each wave so you improve in the easiest and most efficient way.

These sessions last two hours and they include the softboard and wetsuit you'll use.

Price: 90€

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