About JMC

Jose Maria Cabrera,
free pro surfer and surf coach

We help surfers of all ages and levels to improve their surfing with a full and customized training system.


Jose Maria was born in 1980 in Caleta de Famaraa little coastal village in the North shores of Lanzarote, in the Canary islands. He laughs when he remembers how he managed to get a video camera as a young boy and convinced his mother and grandfather to film him. After that he would spend hours reviewing himself while comparing them to the footage of pro surfers, trying to mimic their movements and learning how to make it better.

Since I started surfing I knew it would become my way of life. Surfing was the only thing in my mind and I only wanted to get better every day.

He will soon start traveling all around the world with his surfboard and his backpack in a non-stop quest for good waves. At the age of 17, he traveled to France for the first time and joined the Pro Junior in Capbreton, a life-changing trip, as it was there where he got his first sponsors.

Since then he has not stopped getting to know foreign places and surfing all around the world as a free surfer, with the support of his sponsors. He will also never quit the competitions, reaching number 29 in the world ranking, after his good scores in the Margaret River (Australian) Event in 2008.

After many years of pro surfing, Jose Maria knew he had to follow that path.

Often his friends would join him for training, as his life was -still is- training in or outside the water.

My friends would ask me how to do this or that maneuver and, little by little, I realized i like helping other surfers to improve.

In 2012 JMC is founded, a dream come true

JMC Surf Training started as a high performance centre for surfers, located in the Northern coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, well-known for is world class waves.

With all the professional experience and the know-how of the surfing of Jose Maria Cabrera we developed a unique training method that will help any surfer that wants to improve, regardless of their level, age or condition.

We analyze the surf of each individual and we implement those thing that will really help them improve.

The Team

Jose Maria Cabrera

Profesional surfer, surf coach and founder

Virginia Rodríguez

Amateur surfer and co-founder

Manuel Lezcano

Pro surfer and beginners' level director

Cristian Portelli

Surfista profesional y monitor de iniciación y avanzado