VIP Surf Training

Surf the best waves of Lanzarote and enjoy a World Class Experience

You will get a custom introduction and training, that will allow you to be more independent both in and out of the water. With the right guidelines, you can move forward with confidence and quality.

Jose Maria Cabrera and our great time of professionals will turn your trip into a unique experience.

An exclusive and unique program for those looking to perfect their surfing skills in the "European Hawaii"

The perfect location

It is essential to choose the right moment to surf in the best conditions.

Olas potentes de Lanzarote

Adapted to your level

With JMC surftraining you will feel embraced throughout the whole process and you will acquire a solid and effective learning.

Our training adapts to your level. The instructor while guide you in every step of the way and will pick the most convenient waves for you. You will also learn what to do in each moment on every single wave so you know what to focus on when you work on your own.

Video analysis: perfect your skills

Learn, improve and progress with Jose Maria Cabrera, profesional free surfer and coach.

Our filmmaker with shoot the entire session (aprox 1:30h). Once the session is completed, we will review the footage to identify the key points that need working.

Jose Maria Cabrera will review your posture, will teach you the right movements and maneuvers for each moment and will send you some homework for your next session.

VIP exclusive

Enjoy your VIP surf training in the most exclusive way

If you have a surf trip planned (group or individual) and you would like Jose Maria to join you, contact us!

The JMC method

A training method developed by Jose Maria Cabrera, pro surfer and surf coach. With our method you will quickly and efficiently improve your technique.

You will also learn the fundamentals so you can then surf all by yourself with a solid foundation.

You will receive clear instructions and guidelines so you can keep on practicing and moving forward by yourself.

Safe guaranteed

You will surf in a safe beach with constant attention from our instructors.

You will feel at ease when surfing in a safe beach and with the constant attention of your instructor.

You will also feel safe inside the surf, understanding how the breaks work and knowing about priorities and safety rules in surfing.


Surf Training

VIP Session

  • Best spot choice
  • 1:30 hours per session
  • Always accompanied in the water


Video Analysis

  • Filming of the whole session (1:30h)
  • Professional camera Full HD
  • Video correction with Jose Maria Cabrera

Surf Training

VIP Exclusive

  • Your Surf Trip with Jose Maria Cabrera

Perfect your surf skills with our tested method for a solid and efficient learning.