Advanced Coaching Course

Enhance your surfing and enjoy the best waves of the island of Lanzarote, in the Canary islands.

Imagine for a minute getting into the surf knowing exactly what you need to do at each time. Having real consciousness over your body of your movements.

With our advanced coaching surf lessons you will get to know what to do to step up your surf.

Serás capaz de analizarte y conocer porqué las maniobras que intentas no salen y tendrás un camino marcado por el que continuar.

The JMC method

The JMC Surftraining Jose Maria Cabrera, is based on posture and movement correction to make sure you move as you should on the wave to reach your goals.

From that point you will only need to focus on those pointers in the water and embrace what you've learned so these new movements come out as natural.

A simple and effective method, with a solid foundation with which you won't be worried about the wave giving you strength or speed, as you will be able to produce them when you need it! 


Some of your JMC trainees talk about their experience:

  • Before, when I was catching a wave, it was all very uncertain: "let's see what happens on this one".”.

    Now I know exactly what I want to do and how to get it done,I understand what has happened, why I fell and what I should have done to end that maneuver in the right way.

    – Joseba Atucha
  • My understading of surfing has completely changed..

    Thanks to Jose Maria's commitment all of his team, I have learnt to read and make the most of each wave and I have started perfecting my technique in a totally different way.

    – Álvaro Torrente
  • Before JMC I knew how to catch waves but I felt I was failing on many other things. What I did not know is how to correct my mistakes. I was feeling stuck.
    Now I have a super solid foundation on which I am improving day to day, I know what my mistakes are and I have the tools to amend them!

    – Jorge Torrente
  • Ahora, cuando voy al agua, tengo deberes que hacer y en cada baño practico lo que aprendí en JMC.

    Realmente se nota la diferencia, con vuestro método el surf tiene sentido, ya no es intuición sino que realmente hay unos pasos para poder avanzar.

    Antes iba a ciegas y ahora sé qué tengo que hacer para mejorar.

    – Alejandro Vicinay
  • Before JMC I felt I was always making the same mistakes and I didn't know how to put an end to that.

    Now I know what was the matter; when I get into the surf I am aware of those things I need to work in and I am more motivated. When I perform the right movements, I can really feel the results..

    – Ana Cerpa
  • I was feeling frustrated with my surfing as I could not end any of the turns.

    Now I see myself and I am a completely different person, my mindset and surfing have absolutely changed. I experience emotions inside the water that I didn't have before, I feel that some day I will accomplish a vertical turn!

    – Álvaro Fernández
  • Before, my surfing was mainly running the diagonal of the wave, I had no control over it to draw any lines and to make the most of its energy.

    Now I know what I am failing at and what the consequences of those mistakes are. I know what to do, I have a goal to aim and I have gained body consciousness on the surfboard.

    – Jairo Bueno
  • Now I have a solid foundation that will help me improve and I perfectly understand where my gas pedal is if I want to surf.

    There are not many pro surfers that will help you understand surfing the way he does and JMC is one of the few that has analyzed everything to develop his own method.

    – Alvaro Larrondo
  • I feel like I know exactly what I need to do to improve, I know the way to go.

    Now I am capable of self analyzing and knowing the reasons why I can or can't do what I want to do, which is a huge leap.

    The acquired knowledge is crucial!

    – Enrique de Luis


Train with Jose Maria Cabrera, pro surfer and surf coach.


Advanced Coaching

  • Surf session with
  • Filming
  • Video analysis and correction with Jose Maria Cabrera

This course is for you if:

  • Si tienes autónomía en el agua
  • Si trazas bien la pared y haces, o empiezas a hacer, giros
  • Si surfeas con tabla corta
  • Si tienes experiencia en fondos de roca

* Esta parte es importante, no queremos que pierdas el tiempo ni tires tu dinero. Lo principal de la Advanced Coaching es el video análisis y, si no hay olas que corregir, Jose María no podrá hacer su trabajo. 

* I you think your level is lower, check oursesiones de iniciación avanzada.